THE Dream Quilter 15 DQLT15 15” Needle to Arm Quilting Machine

Freedom to quilt larger patterns or blocks with a 15″ x 8″ workspace.

a. 5" LCD Touch Screen Display

Vibrant, easy to read screen can be adjusted to your viewing angle. Choose your baste length and manage your machine settings.

b. Accessory Ports

Plug in with the included laser stylus.

c. Dual Cones

Place a cone or spool of thread on each side of the machine.

d. SureTrack – Precision Dual Wheel Bearings

Increases the precision and accuracy of the machine while enhancing the overall quilting experience.

e. Custom Grip Handles: Exclusive to Brother!

Soft ergonomic handles designed to follow the contours and curve of your hands. Plus, they rotate which allows for more control closer to the fabric surfaces!

LCD Touch Screen Display

Set manual speed with preset options, and set your regulated, precise and cruise speeds!

Laser Stylus

Easy way to trace patterns or pantographs. Just attach the laser and position it to trace the desired pattern!

Built-in Bobbin Winder

A high-speed automatic bobbin winder is built right into the machine, so refilling is a breeze!

Large M-Class Bobbin

Extend the time in-between each bobbin change with the large capacity M bobbin.

Built-in Stitch Regulator

For beautiful, precise and consistent stitches, this feature is available in three different stitch modes to give you maximum control over your quilting.

Superior Stitching

Powerful motor that delivers up to 1,800 stitches per minute. Plus, select from four different stitch modes: Precise, Cruise, Manual and Baste.

Easy Service Electronics

Updating software is easy and simple.

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